The Mission of the Extension Studies Bureau is to spread the gospel and foster growth toward Christian maturity by making Bible study materials widely available to inmates of correctional facilities and their families as well as soldiers of The Salvation Army.

Established in 1947, the Extension Studies Bureau provides Bible study correspondence courses free of charge to men and women in correctional facilities This ministry serves both as a means of evangelizing as well as a discipling tool.

The students begin by working through an elementary series of courses covering the basics of Christianity. The courses are meant to familiarize the students with the Bible and to promote a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The intermediate and advanced series are available to those students who wish to study more in-depth topics and materials.

Volunteer graders and the grace of God are the two things that allow this program to run on a daily basis. Volunteers grade the courses and encourage their brothers and sisters in Christ. They lovingly guide the students and answer any questions the students might have.